Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New home..

So sorry for the delay in posting, but we have had to move house where you can now find us here

Monday, May 28, 2007

More gorgeous goodies......

Here we are again with another post jam-packed full of inspiration!! :)

Lots and lots of beautiful and stunning layouts are flooding in and it is so incredible seeing all these different styles..so much talent, so much inspiration....unreal! :) Thankyou to you all yet again!!

Also, stay tuned ... we have something very exciting coming up shortly that everyone can participate in and win some goodies!!

Let's now look at some stunning eye candy :) ....

Alana Steadman sent in this first sweet and beautiful layout-

Bon Johnstone who also owns her own shop, Bon's Scraps sent in this next beautiful layout, love the butterfly! -

The next layout is by Charmane Koch of her gorgeous little daughter, Harmony (look at that sweet little face!!) -

The next two stunning layouts were created by Christi Nelson-

These two beautiful baby layouts are by Deidre Heath -

Janine Kaye created these two soft and beautiful layouts of her daughter -

This next layout is by Janine King, I just love this design! -

Julie Dudley sent in this next very pretty layout of her daughter -

The next gorgeous layout was created by Julie Love. Julie participated in a little layout swap with Janelle Wind's daughter, Emily. The photo was printed onto canvas and is 8x8 size to fit into Emily's little calendar :) -

These two gorgeous layouts are by Kate Mason -

Lisa Oxley created these next two gorgeous layouts -

This next very pretty layout was sent in by Liz Weber -

The next fun and bright layout was sent in by Lynn Wood -

This next beautiful layout was created by Megan Stephenson -

Melanie Harris created this next elegant and beautiful layout with such sweet journalling of her darling daughter Lillee -

These two beautifully done layouts are by Melissa Corbett of sweet little Poppy -

These fun and happy layouts were beautifully created by Nic Finlayson - how cute is her daughter?? -

Nicole Pomeroy sent in these two beautiful layout, gotta giggle at the 2nd one lol -

These next twp gorgeous double-page layouts are by Pip Prosser (love how she pulls off double pages!!) -

Sheree Power created these bright and beautiful layouts -

And to top off a post full of such beautiful work, here is a gorgeous and effective layout by Tracey Cavanagh -

Please take a moment to leave the girls a comment, it truly is well deserved!! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Firstly, I just need to say WOW! I have had such a huge response from everyone after the first posting of this site. It has been so fantastic! The emails, submissions and comments have been really mind blowing!! so a HUGE thankyou to all of you :)

It is so amazing and alot of fun seeing such a diverse range of creations that are loaded with talent, so please keep the layouts coming in!

So, onto some more sharing.....

Firstly, two beautiful layouts by Tracey Cavanagh -

Sheree Power created the next two bright and beautiful layouts of her daughter Kaitlyn-

Next, two bright and gorgeous double layouts by Pip Prosser-

Nic Finlayson created these two very pretty and beautiful layouts of her daughter who is such a cutie -

Ngaire Gilligan submitted these two stunning layouts. I just love the sewing on the first one -

Next is two layouts by Melissa Corbett of precious little Poppy -

Lynn Wood sent in the next two layouts that are so pretty and beautiful -

The next two layouts are by Lisa Oxley, so beautiful, yet the second one makes me wanna reach out and cuddle the poor little mite -

Kelley Forrester created the next two brilliant layouts, one of herself and one of the very gorgeous and cheeky Miss Alicia -

Next is a layout of mine of my two wonderful friends Crystal and Tarnia -

Karlene Fahey sent in this gorgeous layout using the yummy BG papers -

Janine King sent in the next two fun and gorgeous layouts -

The next two beautiful layouts were created by Janine Kaye -

Jane Fitchett who also owns her own embellishment business Crafty Matters, (check them out, they're gorgeous!) sent in these adorable layouts -

Deidre Heath created the next two beautiful layouts, look at that gorgeous belly!! -

The next stunning layout was sent in by Debbie Bradley, again using the yummy BG Blush -

And last but not least, Charmane Koch created this adorable, soft layout of herself and herr beautiful daughter Harmony -

Arn't they all just so gorgeous?!? So much hard work and creativity has gone into each and every single one of them. Thankyou for sharing them, ladies :)

Stay tuned for some more fabulous girly layouts.........